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local rabbits, buck 65, plus everyone's favorite

jon b, sloan net friend to all, is visiting here in calgary and told me
the most stupidest story about the local rabbits so naturally i thought
of all of you and had to post. :) ok, everyone remember that song "the
rez"? well, in the credits to the album, they thank the carleton
residences or something, and since tim their manager goes to carleton and
all that, jon figured, hey, "the rez" is about those guys who collect the
fines from the BAD kids at carleton university residences who talk too
loudly or whatever. anyway, i guess he was talking to pete elkas and found
out he was way off. i guess jon didn't listen to the lyrics close enough,
since it mentions everyone's favorite "rez" a few times, trent reznor. he
is evil, he is bad..... :) well, it seemed funny to me...

also, for anyone who has the new issue of impact, check out the review
of the new genius album. if i'm not mistaken, the guy who reviews the
latest product from the wu-tangers is buck 65 aka stinkin rich.

and for your information, brad, the *beastles* were that band that kept
putting out albums of dogs barking to the tune of david bowie "let's
dance" and michael jackson "billie jean". :) sorry i couldn't resist. :)


ps/ for someone who hasn't even *heard* the new sloan stuff and is
debating with people who *have*, and can sum up the beatles (who freakin'
changed the way rock music was heard) as granola hippie shit, you sure
talk a lot of shit, evan. do you even know more than a handful of beatles
songs? and if what we're talking about is music styles here, then why
would you bring up something like "the beatles were career musicians" and
the fact that they participated in the drug culture? please, you are only
embarrassing yourself at this point. besides, most of your sloan-have-no-
beatles-reference arguments can be countered by statements made by the
sloans themselves.

"I'm on a scavenger hunt!"
           - Grant Horwood