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Re: Response to 'ThreadS'

>yes! they're playing this saturday at birdland (i forget who the openers 
>are) and *next* saturday somewhere on gottingen.....bob and lori's 
>perhaps? ....with the inbreds, no less!
>enough sloan net content? ;)

No not enough sloan content dammit! get yr ass in gear.....you call this
fucking quality list material???!!??
shall i be the one to stop the childish play...?

bob&lori's....pleasepleasepleaseplease....I love bob & lori.....cmoncmoncmon....
ooohhh i don't want a bunch of screeming, googling, sweet-faced 13yr olds...
i *might* be able to get to the birdland show, however doubtfull it seems....

****IF anybody learns of this NEXT saturday's show 'somewhere on gottigen'
PLEEZZ post it as soon as possible......


ohhh....did i mention the superfriendz poppy, original sound????? with
absolutely no possiblity of comparison to anybody else?? okay.....good.
it's not like they sound like the B-word or anything....

and so i shall stop the childish play.



hmmmmm....what colour's your hair?