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Re: Response to 'ThreadS'

On Wed, 8 May 1996, SUgArStAr wrote:

> >enough sloan net content? ;)
> No not enough sloan content dammit! get yr ass in gear.....you call this
> fucking quality list material???!!??
> shall i be the one to stop the childish play...?

damn...didn't think so. shit...we could always talk about the latest 
rankin's single ;)

> i *might* be able to get to the birdland show, however doubtfull it seems....

you should....it's always a good show there! :)

> ****IF anybody learns of this NEXT saturday's show 'somewhere on gottigen'
> PLEEZZ post it as soon as possible......

i'll check around. i guess matt was busy putting up posters all day ;)

> ohhh....did i mention the superfriendz poppy, original sound????? with
> absolutely no possiblity of comparison to anybody else?? okay.....good.
> it's not like they sound like the B-word or anything....

that's right! that great montreal band the *BOX* yup! c'mon 
evryone....song along! "...we are ordinary people living ordinary lives..."
matt sounds *so* much like jean-marc when he sings! ;) ;) ;) ;)