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Cool Blue Halo and Licorice Fix on tour

Hey boys and gurls,

Halifax's Cool Blue Halo will be on tour in Ontario throughout the month of
June with London popsters, Licorice Fix. The bands will be playing shows in
Guelph (opening for Eric's Trip!), London, Windsor, Ottawa, Toronto,
Peterborough, St.Catherines, Kitchener, Hamilton, Kingston, Quebec City and

Though most of the dates are tentative, confirmation of these dates should
happen in the next couple of weeks. I'll post them in a batch at the start
of the month. Just thought I would give you all some advance notice....

Oh, and check out Cool Blue Halo's new disc, Kangaroo, when it comes out at
the end of the month. If the new Sloan is Revolver, then this is Rubber
Soul. Big harmonies, bigger guitars.

And if you haven't picked up Licorice Fix's Pioneering Your Racket yet,  you
could order it by emailing sthomps3\!/mustang.uwo.ca. Toronto's Eye Magazine
said it was made by lads of "the Swervedriver gen, with the Boo Radleys on
the brain." Its all pop music kids.

Lastly, and with some East Coast content, Licorice Fix will be appearing on
a compilation released this month out of Quebec City which includes, among
others, The Superfriends and a new  unreleased song! The comp is called
Killer Bands from Mars and I'll get all the info to you as soon as I've got it.

Until then,  I remain

Robert Thompson

"A big fan of today's youth....."