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Re: weirdness/unsubscribing

On Wed, 8 May 1996, geneyus wrote:

> >matthew sweet sounds sort of like the odds.
> Sorry to be nitpicky, but I think I'd put this the other way around.  The
> Odds could only hope to string together a song that could match anything
> Matthew Sweet has written.  All pop should be as beautiful as the songs on
> "Girlfriend". And for the record, both of these bands owe an awful lot to
> Alex Chilton and Big Star.
I find Matthew Sweet to be too-mainstream sounding...IT sounds as if he's 
just writing his songs because he knows they're catchy...You like them 
but at the same time yoiu want to hit him...I mean, I have GIrlfriend, 
but I must admit it hasn't been listened to in a while...
On the other hand, Odds just mix their Beatlesque harmonies and pop 
songcraft with really good, witty lyrics, and I'm definately a lyrics and 
melodies kinda guy...That's why I like Sloan...I mean, DOmesticated Blind 
and Wendy Under the Stars are just totally beautiful songs...


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