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sloan at EDEN interfest

 Hey hey,
  Hope nobody's already posted this...
     Sloan are scheduled to play at this three day rock and internet
festival, the EDEN interfest, July 12-14 at Mosport Park near Bowmanville.
A shitload of other acts including the Cure, Spirit of the West, the
Watchmen, the Odds, Porno for Pyros, Everclear, Live, Spacehog, Goo goo
Dolls and more more more are playing too.  
  So far I'm not sure about tickets and prices (probably too expensive for
me), but there's a website at http://www.edenent.com where I'm sure you can
get more info.  Hell, it's almost Woodstock! ;)
                                   go get 'em,

ps. The last couple times I've posted I've gotten about three messages back
from the mail delivery system, saying it was having problems sending my
mail... but it all seems to be getting to sloannet okay... so if those
annoying things have been going to sloannet as well, I'm sorry...

  "I'm given to catastrophes"