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super friendz in moncton

Are the super friendz playing in moncton 
tomorrow (friday) at the esquire?

if so, can i get details for it....like is 
it cheap so i could maybe afford the ferry 
*and* the show on a very small budget?  and 
who is opening?

a trip to moncton is looming in the future 
and it would be nice to take in a show like 
the super friendz while there....


ps/ waye heard that there might have been 
    rumours of cool blue halo signing to BMG 
    being thrown around on Sloannet...I'm not 
    sure if there were or not, but if there 
    were, CBH is not on BMG, they are still 
    on No (I was supposed to mention that 
    a while ago, but I forgot =)).  Their 
    album should be out soon, and it is 
    great...if you guys want to talk about 
    ripping people off, check out the cover 
    art on 'Kangaroo'...'nuff said =)