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Re: ThreadS

On Wed, 8 May 1996, Evan Thomas Knott wrote:

> who said anyone was playing dictator?  If you guys want to spend all day 
> typing silly messages comparing each Sloan member to various members 
> ofthe Beatles, start go right ahead, it just doens't seem very fruitful.  
> I have actually found these posts to be quite amusing, maybe you should 
> listen to your own advice and start the SloanNet for people who like to 
> talk about which memberof Sloan is which member of the Beatles by 
> comparing their non-musical qualities!  Whatever, you're in a realm 
> allyour own, it doesn't make sense, but that's your right.

I've been sitting patiently flipping through all this crap, so it's about 
time i respond to something that's bugging me.  I can't speak(write) for 
anyone else on this list but isn't Sloan net supposed to be about Sloan? 
Whether or not the context is silly is not the issue of concern. It's 
part of life, it's called COMMUNICATION. The Beatles issue /The Oasis 
rip-offs/Brendan's shaken by speed joke/ It's all part of this Sloan Net 
family that we have CHOSEN to be a part of.   
This list has substantially improved over the last month or so. So I say 
onward with the discussions.

It's all good :)

PS. Can someone(i think it was TLW) send me that interview with Sloan. I 
would like to use it as a reference for a music paper
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