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Re: ok.

hey james you better watch it! ;) otherwise da fuher of Sloan Net will
start on you next ;)  
   hey so i think they would be tomato rice soup if
sloan were a soup...screw the cream of mushroom ;)

I have another question for you pop kiddies out there:
last year at the Chippewa Fest in  Buffalo, NY i was in the front row of
the show and chris sang of the amp a half foot next to me.  He also posed
for my pictures...bending over to show me and my group his hole-in-the
-crotch corduroys..woohoo!...=) But i digress...the point is the girl next
to me was video taping the show...she asked Chris and he was cool about
it....he even told the security guard it was cool after the putz gave the
girl a hassel about it.  But again i seem to be digressing...my point is
if that girl is on Sloan NEt i want to ask if can get a copy of it.  

Life is Eerier than the Canal itself.
 ps Eric's trip tonight! maxwells in NJ! woohoo!