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Re: "Pop" Music -- !!NEW THREAD!!! maybe, if anyone's inter

I think this was worthy of stuffing everybody's mailbox.


PS I understand what brit-pop, power-pop, etc. are, but when people 
just say "pop" it doesn't mean much.  Even the jangly, singable 
aspect discussed earlier is more specific than just the word "pop".  
It's "bouncy pop" or "bubblegum pop" or whatever, but "pop" to me 
means "popular" and says nothing about style. 

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I don't think usage of the word pop has ever been out of style...honestly...
at least not to most of us who grew up listening to mid eighties power 
pop, which then graduated to alterna pop, indie pop, and lately to just "pop". 
I think it's interesting that you equate pop with top 40 stuff. This is 
hardly surprising though. I think if you asked most mariah carey lovers 
what kind of music they like, they would seldom say they like pop. I would 
have agreed a while back, but really, people who have been following 
bands like big star, and cheap trick, and people like mathew sweet and the 
Posies have always refered to it as pop. Some people have always 
qualified it as "power" pop. Which is kinda weird to me...I always thought 
a band like Husker Du (more towards the tail end of their existance) were a 
power pop band...in short...labels are labels...I think you're right in that 
the original definition of pop was top 40, but then in the 60's guitar 
based pop *was* top 40. Now anyone refering to that guitar vibe will 
inevitably just say it's "pop". These are the same people who 
differentiate between Mathew Sweet's pop, and Mariah Carey's Top 40 sound.
But labels are labels...I don't think it's trendy to say pop, it's just 
that as you can see by usage of the label "brit pop", pop can be a very 
flexible label. I agree with you though, that the label "pop" without any 
qualifier is undoubtedly vague...I'd rather say "beatlesque pop" myself...or 
whatever...if the british press had not unearthed brit pop, I bet noone would
be using the word pop as freely as it's being used now...but ask posies fans
(like shant) and you'll see that there is another school of thought out 
there, which has been using the adjective pop much differently than the way
you see it...

> OK, you folks toss around this word "pop" like it's a good thing.  I 
> thought that "pop" music was whatever is currently appealing to the 
> masses, as opposed to being a definable genre of musical style.  So 
> when you folks say that Sloan or TH or the SFz or whoever have a 
> nice "pop" feel, what the \!/%#$ do you mean?  Define "pop" as a 
> musical style rather than simply anything on the Billboard 100.
> I always equated pop with Top 40 radio, as something to be avoided.  
> Why do you indie-rock types suddenly embrace it?