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Re: weirdness/unsubscribing

On Wed, 8 May 1996 knotte\!/umich.edu wrote:

> Maybe I should spell it out if you haven't figured it out already,  but
> I think the beatles are extremely overrated.  You need the help if you
> can only grasp the whole thing we know as Sloan to be nothing more than
> a 90's mirror of a 60's band.  Better you compare them to the monkees,
> they had STYLE (kidding)

i think *you* might be the one needing help! you're missing the point 
completely! the beatles may be overrated...so what! does that mean that 
sloan can't be influenced by something *they* obviously thought had a 
good sound?
wise up!
no one here said sloan *were* the beatles. would you rather they sounded 
like nana mouskouri?
three of the four wear glasses you know... ;)
lighten up....i believe someone on the list was correct on pointing out 
that there *should* be a delete button on your keyboard!