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Re: Eric's Trip \!/ Brownie's

At 7:49 AM 5/8/96, Joyce Linehan wrote:
>On Wed, 8 May 1996, Margie Borschke wrote:
>> on them.  It was a happy happy show.  I picked up the Broken Girl single
>> finally.  Sup-pop is supposed to be distributing it here but they're not
>> doing a very good job of it.  For shame.
>Sub Pop is not distributing any Broken Girl singles.  Sub Pop helped to
>finance the release of the Broken Girl CD on Sappy, and then brought a few
>hundred copies into the US to sell through Sub Pop mail order and Sub Pop
>direct to retail (which deals primarily with small Mom & Pop stores.  The
>safest way to make sure you get a copy of the CD is to order it from
>Julie herself, or to order it from Sub Pop mail order (1-800-SUBPOP1 or

I was refering to the cd not the singles which does bear the subpop logo
afterall.  I've asked at a couple good record stores (eg Mom & pop) and
they haven't had it.  Glad I got mine at the show.
>Also, you guys aren't turning out in droves to these Eric's Trip  shows
>like I thought
>you would.

Well, at the New York show, I think it would have helped if they had gone
on a little earlier.  I totally appreciate the 4 band bills but the
headliners often get missed due to lack of staminaso early in the week.  If
Eric's Trip had the third slot there would have been way more people at the
New York show.  But I'm sure that's a booking thing and not something the
label has a lot of control over. Also, publicity was pretty minimal.  I
think a lot of people didn't know about it.

But I'm sure its also that they're used to bigger crowds in Canada.  Don't
think they're as big here.  (certainly many of my friends left before they
came on.)

Margie Borschke
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