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Maybe i'm just not used to these kinds of lists...but i can't believe that
by replying to a comment of the 4 new Sloan songs have a "late 60s quality"
by posting "yeah... kind of Beatle-esque" could get so insane.  I was only
giving my opinion of the sound of the songs, like sooo many others do here.
ANd it was by NO means an insult to the music....it was a fucking
compliment! I don't see how anybody can deny the major influence of the
Beatles on rock...even if you don't like them.  
I'm not gonna echo listmanagerboy's post about this....he said it.  

Geez..i'm sure there's have been other threads on here that other people
haven't liked.....but if you want to start censoring this thing from 'evil'
comparisons that somehow threaten your personal enjoyment of the band, i
suggest you make your own sloanNet....because we are VERy MUCh sticking to
the topic of this list, as was already said. ANd this is, as i understand
it, a free speech forum.  

Therefore your opinions are very much welcomed, but seeing how we have many
opinionated ppl on this list, i don't see how playing dictator will get you