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Re: weirdness/unsubscribing

knotte\!/umich.edu writes:

> Maybe I should spell it out if you haven't figured it out already,

Well I'm a little slow. Maybe you could say it again? :)

> I think the beatles are extremely overrated.

That's certainly your perogative to think so. I personally think The Doors
are ridiculously overrated but you don't hear me ranting on about it.

>  You need the help

Funny.. that's what my girlfriend says too. :)

> if you
> can only grasp the whole thing we know as Sloan to be nothing more than
> a 90's mirror of a 60's band.

I don't think anyone has said that. However, if you ask me (which you
didn't) you have to try REALLY hard to deny the Beatles' (or My Bloody
Valentine if you're talking about Smeared-era) influence on the "new Sloan
sound". There is nothing wrong with being influenced by another band as
long as you admit to it, which from all appearences Sloan is more than
willing to do.

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