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Re: Eric's Trip \!/ Brownie's

At 4:01 AM 5/8/96, Crazy Pablo Roren wrote:
>WOW!!!  What a show!!!
>Well, Merengue from Florida wasn't very good,

I totally disagree.  I liked their sound: very layered, kinda noisy. Sure
they weren't as easily accessible as straightforward pop, but they made (to
be corny) a beautiful noise.
They're on Cherry Smash for anyone who's interested.

>but Home (also from

I thought they were a little too straight forward.  I went and bought a
lovely gown during their set.  (True!  Its champagne coloured with sequins
and beads--I got the special late night price of $15!!!)

>and Number One Cup (from Chicago) totally made up for that...

Loved the drummers voice (although the hello kitty drum kit was a bit much
and they might learn to use that voice synthsizer thing a bit more
effectively.  Liked the Fall-sounding tunes).

Eric's Trip have one hell of a live sound...you East Coasters (the Canadian
>ones, you know who you are) are so lucky to get to see them more than
>once in a blue moon...THey should really put out a live album or something...

They were impressive.  The last time I saw them was a million years ago (or
1992) when they opened for Sonic Youth in a venue that was way too big for
them.  The more intimate Brownies and a few years more experience are good
on them.  It was a happy happy show.  I picked up the Broken Girl single
finally.  Sup-pop is supposed to be distributing it here but they're not
doing a very good job of it.  For shame.

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