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Re: "Pop" Music -- !!NEW THREAD!!! maybe, if anyone's interested

>OK, you folks toss around this word "pop" like it's a good thing.  I 
>thought that "pop" music was whatever is currently appealing to the 
>masses, as opposed to being a definable genre of musical style.  So 
>when you folks say that Sloan or TH or the SFz or whoever have a 
>nice "pop" feel, what the \!/%#$ do you mean?  Define "pop" as a 
>musical style rather than simply anything on the Billboard 100.
>I always equated pop with Top 40 radio, as something to be avoided.  
>Why do you indie-rock types suddenly embrace it?

Pop music is simply a short form of "popular music".  Popular music has
always been known to be very catchy, even when it's irritating.  I, myself,
do not see the word as a hinderence as long as it's applied properly.  Bands
like the Superfriendz are a pop band just as Weezer is a pop band.  Let's
not get hung up on the term, it just means their stuff is singable.  If you
look closely at what I said you'll notice that I say "All pop should be as
beautiful as the songs on Girlfriend".  I believe that in a perfect world,
the masses would be listening to Sloan, Matthew Sweet, and Sebadoh.  They
are all perfect pop songwriters.