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Re: "Pop" Music -- !!NEW THREAD!!! maybe, if anyone's interested

> OK, you folks toss around this word "pop" like it's a good thing.  I 
> thought that "pop" music was whatever is currently appealing to the 
> masses, as opposed to being a definable genre of musical style.  So 
> when you folks say that Sloan or TH or the SFz or whoever have a 
> nice "pop" feel, what the \!/%#$ do you mean?  Define "pop" as a 
> musical style rather than simply anything on the Billboard 100.
> I always equated pop with Top 40 radio, as something to be avoided.  
> Why do you indie-rock types suddenly embrace it?

I think of 'pop' as being more of a style (not its original meaning),
and Top 40 radio just being whatever the heck happens to be popular at
the time.

When I think of pop I tend to think of: short, catchy songs, vocal
harmonies, jangly guitars, and an emphasis on 'songwriting' as opposed
to 'composing' or 'comsic space jamming' or 'wanky guitar soloing'. I
guess the jangly guitars are really optional, but it's usually
guitar-based music. It doesn't follow a particular formula as closely
as the blues, or reggae, or ska, or metal do.

Bands I think of when I think 'pop': Sloan, the Beatles, Badfinger, Big
Star, Let's Active, the Flamin' Groovies (70's incarnation), Nick Lowe
(not really a band, but youknowwhatImean) and even Husker Du (esp.
around 'Flip Your Wig'). Elvis Costello probably counts, too.  Hell,
even the Sex Pistols were really 'poppy'.

> I think the Beatles were extremely overrated in 1964.  However, once 
> they began to experiment with new styles and develop as a band, they 
> did some very creative work.  And you can't deny their influence on 
> almost every genre of "pop" music since.

I don't think they were overrated even then. "She Loves You" and "I
Wanna Hold Your Hand" are amazing pieces of rock'n'roll and unlike any
sort of rock/pop that preceded it. 

As usual, these are just my opinions. If I left out a fave pop band of
yours I'm sorry. If I missed an important part of the style please let
sloan-net know.