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Re: weirdness/unsubscribing

On  7 May 96 at 23:41, knotte\!/umich.edu wrote:

}besides, people 
}are trying to play "let's match up our favorite sloan member with our 
}favorite beatle."  like I said, retarded and pointless.  

"The point is not the grammar, it's the feeling"

We're not trying to make serious comparisons here.  We're just 
having fun.  I like a good laugh as much as anyone.  Well perhaps 
except my wife,...<16 ton weight falls>

}the point is, it 
}just seems childish to make paper dress up dolls out of members of sloan, 
}especially with the beatles.

Of course it is, but that doesn't stop us from doing it!

}i mean, they are popular, and they do have a sort of 
}glamorous persona aboutthem, 

Greasy hair included :)

}forbid an artist create a style or sound that has some elements of that 
}era but is delving into something completely original.  come on, give 
}sloan more credit than just being a bunch of ripoffs.

As has been said, they are admittedly ripoffs.  Everyone is 
influenced by something.  "Imitation is the sincerest form of 
flattery".  But to creatively rip something off and make it fresh is 
where Sloan excels.