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Re: weirdness/unsubscribing

On  8 May 96 at 10:53, knotte\!/umich.edu wrote:

}Maybe I should spell it out if you haven't figured it out already,  but
}I think the beatles are extremely overrated.  

I think the Beatles were extremely overrated in 1964.  However, once 
they began to experiment with new styles and develop as a band, they 
did some very creative work.  And you can't deny their influence on 
almost every genre of "pop" music since.

}You need the help if you can only grasp the whole thing we know as 
}Sloan to be nothing more than a 90's mirror of a 60's band.

So Sloan is more original than the Beatles?? :)

Why aren't they a mirror?  Four diverse, talented musicians in a 
band which displays their separate influences.  Compare Underwhelmed 
thematically to I wanna Hold your Hand. (Sloan's is much better 
lyrically, but both bands made their initial break on similar love 
songs)  Progression into different style with each album rather than 
self repetition.  All we need now is 10000 teenage girls screaming 
at the airport.

They're at least a pocket mirror, maybe with a bit of rouge.


PS but then, I'm a chemist, not a music historian, so what do I know.