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4 New Sloan Tunes

I just thought I would put in my two cents on the four new sloan tunes that
were played on realtime. I been listening to them a whole lot over the last
few days. 
This is my order from favorite to least favorite.

"Can't Face UP": It starts of kind of cheesy (sort of like the begining of
the sesame(sp) street theme song), but as you go into the songs it gets
really great. Cool harmony with Patrick singing lead and Chris backing him up.

"A-Side Wins": Another great song. After hearing this, I hope Andrew sings
more lead songs on the new album, because he has a really excelent sound.
Chris sounds even better when he is doing back up.

"Autobiography": I would put this right up with the other two songs. Chris
singing lead, with his destinctive sound. 

"400 Meters": I couldn't get into this one. I don't know why exactly, maybe
other people liked it. Its not a stinker. Its just not at the same level as
the other three, at least not for me.