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Alright, I know the rumours have been spreading and people have been
whispering in dark corners about this, so here's the scoop:

Book *Saturday, May 25* on your calendar.  All those people who live
outside of Halifax, this is THE week to make the trek....

The Oasis (Spring Garden Road)

Piebald (very formerly, Mullane)

Starting at 9:30-10:00 (The Oasis closes early)

I know you're thinking, "now this is a show I cannot afford to miss".
However, this is an even more must-see show because Moonsocket (which is
Eric's Trip's Chris' side project) will be playing, in Halifax for the
first time, with a FULL BAND.  Not just any band, mind you.  This one
includes Ron and Chris from Orange Glass!!  A star-studded evening indeed.
If you miss this show, then just stay home until the next Pop Explosion.

How much, for all these great acts, you ask? Only $3! <3 bucks, is that
it!?!> Yeah, that's it.

Make sure you go- especially if you haven't yet checked out the newly
renovated/MASSIVELY-staged Oasis. Its HUGE.