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Re: weirdness/unsubscribing

to state the painfully obvious (imnsho):

>the point about giving all this beatles bullshit a rest is that it has 
>absolutely no value in it.  

says who?

>so they sort of sound like the beatles?  so what?  

um.  this is sloan net.  we're talking about sloan.
sloan have changed their sound.  that's noteworthy to
sloan fans.  we are sloan fans.

>matthew sweet sounds sort of like the odds.  

now you're hitting below the belt.
leave cruel remarks about matthew sweet out of this.  :-)

>I betcha he looks alot like the drummer, too.  see what I mean?  


>talk about EC stuff, or something current, 

considering that the sloan album hasn't even been released yet,
it could hardly be more current!  how far ahead of the game do
we need to *be*?  :-)

and how much more East Coast could the discussion be,
than a discussion of *sloan*???

>something other than this nonsense that has absolutely no 
>point at all other than take up space on all of our mailboxes.  

yeah, nonsense.  discussions about the new sloan sound, on sloan net.
it's crazy, i know.

james, mystified listmanagerboy

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