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Sloan in Vancouver

        Well, we drove a total of 24 hours, much of which was in a
snowstorm, but seeing Sloan on Saturday night was worth it.  That show
reminded me why i liked the band so much in the first place.  The deal was
that they were only going to play for about twenty minutes, but Pure
cancelled at the last minute, so they got to play for a bit longer.  The
songs they played sounded a little different from the ones on realtime, but
they're all sooo good.  I had a really bad cold and the show actually
cleared my sinuses :)  The songs have that crazy Beatlesque circa Penny Lane
feel to them (and yes, Brian Weiser is correct in the zumpano comparison)
but they still manage to rock your socks off.  I was in a daze for the rest
of the night.  

        As for their key note speech, all i'll say is that we talked to
Chris the night before and he had no idea what he was going to say.  Yet
that famous charisma and charm of his brought him through it safely and the
whole thing was really pretty fun.  I recorded it and i'll say more about it
once i have it transcribed.  All in all, it was the funnest weekend of my
life, plus i got to meet Nardwaur, who is sweeter than a sugar pie :)