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ok, this is my input on the whole
Sloan-Beatles comparison,
im at a loss cause 
ive only heard 5 seconds of one of 
the new songs, so i don't know if their 
*"new"* sound does happen to sound like 
"another band".  
A friend of mine said he heard 
the new songs and was disappointed because he was 
expecting something different.  He didn't like the way
 "they sounded very 'Beatlesesque'"

This whole comparison actually reminded of something my 
uncle(he drums in a couple of jazz bands in NYcity) told me,
he said that with so many bands coming out all the time, and with only a
limited scale of sound and notes and to work with, eventually music will
repeat itself.  There is a fine line between one style of music and another,
and from one band to another because there is only so much you can do to
make 'your' sound different than someone elses. 

Now, i know, this might not really relate well to the present beatles/sloan
thing but i do think that by saying that their 'new stuff' sounds like the
beatles doesn't mean they are ripoffs,, ,,thats just the way that their
songwriting style matured.

and think of it this way..ifyou dont like that the new sloan songs have that
nice lovable Beatles quality to them, who would you rather, Metalica?

i dont know..im tired and i have 1000 'more' words to write tonight about
ozone depletion.-=-joey
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