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musicwest musings, plus our friend evan! :)

hey everybody... :)

stinkin rich performed on sunday night at musicwest and unfortunately it
was at the same time as one of my favorite bands, pal joey, so i only hung
out for 3 numbers. the venue was this weird cheers type of place for
bangers, it seemed, and i felt very inadequate because i don't have big
hair right now (this is changing as of right now, being a banger chick is
in my blood, dammit!! :) ).

anyway, rich's first song was a great story telling type of thing, he
explained where he was coming from, how he got into hip hop, how he's
from mount uniacke where it's impossible to pick up ckdu and then how
he got involved with ckdu and how his personality began splitting into
buck 65 and stinkin rich and dj critical. i personally dug the
lyrics, it had so many references to that place rich calls home....he
seemed sort of intimidated or something, though. i have only seen him
twice before, in halifax, and he seemed to be putting on this show of
toughness, a sort of feigned macho-ness or something, part of the stage
act. while i'm not sure i was cool enough to enjoy rich's performance at
the kyber last june, i still found his tough act a bit amusing...without
that element, i don't know if my interest would have been held for
long...this time, however, he just seemed to have this defeated, deflated
air. i felt kind of bad for him and even worse that we walked out on song
three because we wanted to get to the other bar. he got heckled pretty
bad. who knows, maybe pathetic and sad (in the depressed sense) is his new
schtick, a sort of reaction against the posing and fronting that goes on
in nearly all aspects of hip hop (especially west coast). he just seemed,
in vancouver, to be this scared small town kid who was forced on stage for
the wrong reasons. just my perception....

i was somewhat surprised to not find anyone from the murderecords (read:
sloan) crew at this show. how many times has rich performed outside of
halifax, anyway? is he releasing his next album on his own because of this
steve shelley thing i keep hearing about or what? i'm not sure if this is
a touchy area for anyone involved with murder or rich, i just found it
strange that no one would show up to support him at a fairly tough venue.
well, tough if you think performing for white trash bangers who shout
"booo" in time to the beat is bad.

it just sounded like the last few rich shows (in hfx) were somewhat more
interesting and had more attitude......

there are more east coast relevant things to report on from musicwest, but
i think i'll save them til later.

By the way, On Tue, 7 May 1996, Evan Thomas Knott wrote:
> favorite beatle."  like I said, retarded and pointless.  I think
> comparing any member of sloan to ringo starr is the biggest insult to the
> sloan member ever, and the person ought to punished with hours of

your opinion, and you're welcome to express it:) , just as there are
people on this list who are welcome to express their opinion, which may or
may not be based on *actual statements* made by *actual sloans* :)
regarding this beatlesesque quality of their style. i guess according to
your post, chris murphy should be tied up and forced to listen to the
odds....he's a pretty big boy (read: fat...no, i'm kidding!), and i bet
you'd have a hard time getting him to sit still.

> surrounded them.  i mean, they are popular, and they do have a sort of
> glamorous persona aboutthem, but it's just different, believe me.  i

yes, it's true. girls, did you notice patrick's (look!!! a sloan net post
that mentions patrick!! i know, i know, we're breaking an unwritten sloan
net rule ;) but so what...i feel so daring!) hair on saturday night? tres
elegante, mes filles. where does he buy his wallet chains? and despite
rumors to the contrary, it has been determined, thanks to superdetective
nardwuar, that cm uses shampoo. or perhaps our friend evan is thinking of
the wayne and shuster costumes.

oh...he said glamorous PERSONA. right. well, elizabeth touched on this
briefly....their keynote address was nothing short of decadent. charming,
really. rather reminiscent of this four piece you all may be familiar with
called the sex pistols. :)

> dunno, and the current thing means not referring to the 1960's.  heaven
> forbid an artist create a style or sound that has some elements of that
> era but is delving into something completely original.  come on, give
> sloan more credit than just being a bunch of ripoffs.

the day chris murphy stops openly admitting he has borrowed
heavily/stolen/ripped off (HIS words, not mine) music stylings from husker
du, my bloody valentine, pavement, and the beatles, just to name a few, is
the day we'll stop making this (quite often, lovingly and tongue in cheek)
sort of observation. sloan is developing a very exciting and smooth
sounding style of their own, but it's very normal for people to want to
categorize and describe things in terms of concepts already familiar to
most of us. it's a very common linguistic device and a favorite of rock
music hacks everywhere.

you can always hit delete. or, crazy as it may sound, stop posting on the
subject altogether, if it bothers you that much. i'm sure we've all gotten
your point, and trying to get us all to agree with you is an exercise in

and yeah, who is that goof :) who made the CCR reference? what the hell
does he know about sloan anyway?? showoff. :)


ps/ anyone want to know more about this mysterious richard davies fellow
from australia that jay ferguson has scoped out? i will be speaking with
him on thursday afternoon so if you're curious and want to know more,
please email any questions by thursday morning. :)

ps+/ i can't remember if anyone has commented on this already, but in the
middle of sloan's set at musicwest, they started playing a part of
"transona five", my third favorite stereolab song!! huzzah!!

ps++/ does anyone have copies of the sloan realtime and sloan sunday
morning radio bits??? i'd love to hear them....

ps+++/ the new impact has a great story on al tuck (LOVE THE TUCK!) worth
checking out. i ignored the scratching post story, just to spite lee
maslin. ;)

"I'm on a scavenger hunt!"
           - Grant Horwood