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Eric's Trip \!/ Brownie's

WOW!!!  What a show!!!

Well, Merengue from Florida wasn't very good, but Home (also from 
Florida) and Number One Cup (from Chicago) totally made up for that...
I liked these beands so much that I didn't have enough money to buy 
everything I wanted to from Julie...I ended up buying a Tshirt, the 
Purple Knight 7", the Julie & Porthole to dementia 7" and the Warm GIrl 
7"...THey also had the Moonsocket and Broken Girl cds for sale...Oh well, 
there's always mail-order...

ET got on stage at about 11:15pm...
Started with
moved on to play (I got a copy of the set list, sorry if I get a title 
wrong from the abbreviation):
	Near Here
	Eyes Shut
	Feeling Around
	So Easier
	New Love
	Sun Coming Up
	Alone and Annoyed
	Spaceship opening


THey have one hell of a live sound...you East Coasters (the Canadian 
ones, you know who you are) are so lucky to get to see them more than 
once in a blue moon...THey should really put out a live album or something...

But yeah, check out Home and Number One Cup if you get a chance...


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