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put on your snowsuit....

Hey.  Here's a little story I heard courtesy 
of Thom Goodwin:

The Local Rabbits played here (in 
charlottetown) at the infamous "Dip" a 
couple years ago, and I guess the crowd was 
anything but cool.  So, one guy wanted 
them to play Black Sabbath, so they 
did...then he (or someone else...i forget 
exactly) got up on stage and started to 
recite his poetry...which was about going to 
hell and putting on your snowsuit to do so.  
The point of this story -- that's where the 
title of their MURDERecords 7" comes from, 
or so the story goes.

I don't exactly know what Black Sabbath has 
to do with it...but that's what I was told =)

oh, those wiley PEI folks and their