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Re: new sloan/ music west

wow! whatta music west - on the same day i get to see sloan for the first 
time live, and, even *more* exciting, get to meet the one and only tara 
lee wittchen ;)))

first off, on friday there was a mint records "world contact" nite that 
drew a plethora of celebrities to the gastown music hall including
chris and jay to see the smugglers, pansy division, the groovy ghoulies, 
duotang, and maow. tara & co. got stuck in line, BUT did get serenaded by 
pansy division, i understand...

on saturday morning there was the sloan seminar called "breaking up is 
hard to do" or alternatively "how being unsuccessful can be okay" :)
the guys didn't seem to really have a direction or plan or anything for 
their keynote address, and chris leaned in on the first row 
before it started and asked us to start thinking of something to ask :) 
basically, they just went over the band history and murderecords 
information with pat, andrew, and jay sitting behing the big conference 
table and chris playing oprah winfrey and running around with a 
microphone in the audience to people who wanted to ask something...
the highlight was when Nardwuar asked them why they "flunked out of 
geffen", to which there never was a clear answer, but they did run out of 
time trying to answer it...

sloan got interviewed by Terry David Mulligan afterwards, so they will 
probably be on much west next week or so 
then on sat nite they played a "surprise" show at the commodore before 
stereolab. this, i might add, was the biggest contingent of sloannet west 
there ever was, i counted at least EIGHT! people there ;))))
the sloan appearance itself was kind of a guilty pleasure because it was 
longer than the planned 20 minute set because someone in Pure got food 
poisening and they couln't come on. 
they, as brian already mentioned, played all new songs, except for one, 
penpals, which jay forgot the guitar part to. patrick sang a lot more 
than i thought he would. almost as much as chris. jay sang one song, i 
think. very bouncy, retro-pop, a little more campy than 2XR.

all in all, after waiting all this time to see them live, i cannot say i 
was the least bit disappointed...stereolab dedicated a song to them in 
their set afterwards
anyway, this is getting a little too long :) 


p.s. there were no incidents a la bill for damages this time ;)