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holy overdose, man......if i never see cm again, it will be too soon. ;)

we just got back to calgary after a crazy psycho few days in vancouver
where we mostly just stalked sloan. ;) (ps. it's a JOKE!)

perhaps when i'm feeling a bit more...rested etc. i will post a more
informative review of some of the East Coast relevant activities at
musicwest 96 but i gotta get this bit of trivia out of the way first. i
noticed a bunch of posts discussing which sloan would be which beatle.
from the mouths of babes ;) comes this theory:

(taken from joey joey #2, el crappo issue...like they're all not crap)

chris murphy: um, i'm the cutest. (sarcasm....)

tlw: we already established that. (i'm so lame...)

cm: a ha ha, just kidding, i'm the ugliest.

tlw: you're the fattest.

cm: and i grow a beard the fastest...i'm the fattest, that's right. and
patrick is, um, he's cool.

jesse (my schmooze like friend): he's the ladies man.

cm: is he the ladies man?

tlw: i think he is, cause all the girls go after him cause he's the
sensitive guy (note: this is before we even talked to patrick....)

cm: he sings the sort of...

tlw: the ballads, the chick tunes.

cm: the you know, the "more than words" tunes. (mucho laughter)

tlw: he's the total nuno bettencourt of the band.

cm: so patrick's the ladies man, is he?

tlw: that's what we hear.

cm: i guess i'm sort of the goofy guy, sort of the goofy fat guy.

tlw: no, you're like the `thinking one' (ha ha...), you're like john, and
he's like paul.

cm: right.

tlw: and andrew is like ringo and jay is like...paul, too. no...

cm: well, how it really goes...andrew's john.

tlw: you're mick.

cm: andrew's john, i'm paul, unfortunately, um, jay's ringo, cute little
harmless ringo, ooh i could just cuddle him. he has no sexual appetite,
he's just a little teddy bear. and patrick's george, cause he doesn't get
as many songs on the records as me.

so there you have it. although i have been known to occasionally mock the
murph, as the kids like to call him, i just want to publicly declare that
he was the most helpful man in the entire world in a few situations this
weekend, and jay's tied for that, too. they're both so nice and helped us
out a few times and most of all, chris didn't kill me for making nardwuar
ask such mean questions (i only asked the NICE ones.....). :) :)

sloan are still sloan, goofy and talented and nice and stylin'. huzzah!
seeing them live was worth the HELL we went through to get there and back,
honestly. :) :)

more on this later,

ps/ hi to all the super cool and super nice BC sloan net kids!!! esp. the
wonderful brian wieser and super cool roderick thurber! :) :)  and
nardwuar, too!!! we love you, nardwuar, we love you!!! :) :) :)

ps+/ hi to the lovely derek tokar and radioblaster crew and matt, drew,
and especially sweet marc costanza :) from len. :)

"I'm on a scavenger hunt!"
           - Grant Horwood