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Re: late 60's/chris' voice

On  6 May 96 at 16:58, psavage\!/toronto.cbc.ca wrote:

}>Jay--Definitely John.  No other Sloan member shines quite like John did.
}This statement is the most accurate I've read, however I would extend this
}sentiment to the whole band.  

I'm not trying to be picky, but I simply don't understand what 
you're saying here.  Are you extending the previous statement or the 
following statement?  I don't see how you can extend the statement 
"Jay is John because no other member shines" to the whole band.  
Unless you're saying that each member shines, but then of course one 
must shine a little brighter.

}Sloan is a great band but..."God, give me
}strength to say this here"...they can't match the Beatles.  I'm sure even
}the guys would shy away from that comparison because it's pretty weighty.

It's ok, you can say it.  I don't think anyone really believes that 
Sloan will have anywhere near the influence and impact of the 
Beatles.  They're not Oasis, you know :).  What we're saying is that 
Sloan, like the Beatles, are a talented and multifaceted band where 
each member's influence shows through.  No dead weight, no 
domineering bandleader.

My votes:

Chris is Paul because he's a poet and a veggie and has a ton of 
successful side projects. 

Pat is George because he likes to introduce new instruments and 
sound styles to the band (Mike Cowie on the horns) and he financed 
Monty Python and the Holy Grail (check the credits!). 

Andrew is Ringo because he married an actress.

Jay is John the hedonist who will fall in love with a manipulative 
wacko and die tragically. (I dunno, I couldn't come up with an 
excuse for that one other than that they were the only choices 
left.  I always thought Jay was supposed to be Mick Jagger.)

Mike Catano is Pete Best.  Oops, wrong band :)