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Re: late 60's/chris' voice

>Of course, it's obvious, they're Canada's Beatles :)  Which brings me to an
>topic for discussion (it could become a thread from hell though ;), which
>memner of SLoan is which Beatle.  If I had to assign them roles, Chris would
>have to be John, he's the most prolific songwriter and the unofficial leader
>of the band.  Patrick would be Paul, the secondary songwriter, Andrew would
>be George the one whose songwriting talents are overlooked, and Jay would be

Hmm...crazy question.  I would have to say this:

Chris--Paul.  Sure, Paul's only the secondary songwriter, but in the
       Paul was the Beatle that all the girls loved.

Patrick--A real Ringo in the making.  He's gonna grow up and become crazy and
         eccentric too, I can feel it (heh, heh).

Jay--Definitely John.  No other Sloan member shines quite like John did.

Andrew--I agree totally on this one.  Andrew will be (as much as I hate to
        admit it) the forgotten Sloaner  just like George is the forgotten

Rock on everyone,

"When I grow up, I'm going to Bovine University."
                                -Ralph Wiggum