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Re: late 60's/chris' voice

>wow....i thought this too....just listening to the new songs on realtime, i
>thought they had almost a beatle-esque quality to them.  so it wasn't JUSt me.
>as for chris' voice, i thought they were all a little stronger now...but, i
>mean, they have had time to work at it...;)

Of course, it's obvious, they're Canada's Beatles :)  Which brings me to an
topic for discussion (it could become a thread from hell though ;), which
memner of SLoan is which Beatle.  If I had to assign them roles, Chris would
have to be John, he's the most prolific songwriter and the unofficial leader
of the band.  Patrick would be Paul, the secondary songwriter, Andrew would
be George the one whose songwriting talents are overlooked, and Jay would be
Ringo.  But that's mostly looking at their songwriting contributions to the

And on the topic of voices, Andrew's just didn't seem as deep and cool (a la
People Of the Sky and especially 500 Up) as usual last night, but A-Side
Wings was my favorite
of the 4 songs on Realtime, but I'm not sure if it's better than the one
with the horns, I love that song.

I'm just so excited about the new Sloan, I'm going to explode if I don't get
it soon.

On a Sloan fix,