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Sloanish stuffaroonies

Before you read further, there's a new version of the tab faq (sloan) which
I'm mailing to the ftp guy.. If you want it sooner or don't have ftp access,
e-mail me, and I'll get one to ya. Also, I forget where I saw it but I saw
this one picture of Jay ferguson
talking on a telephone awhile back, and the murderecords symbol above him had
"sloan" instead of "m's" or crows or whatever, Come to think of it, it was in
"in the meantime" (very good). where was this pic taken from?

Here's my collection of unftpized sloan article dealies, 
I dunno how to upload when viewing ftp thru www, so upload 'em if you can,
All that I ask is that you please try and figure out a way to get ris of that
annoying forward header crap.. Tho I could be ignorant and that's neccesary
upon uploading. Ah, I am stupid. Here they are.

Snatched from the september 1994 issue of Chart magazine, written by Paul 
Kelly. -Adam

        They were the ones who put Halifax on the musical map and became 
Canada's hip alternative grunge representatives in the post-Nirvana age.  
They signed a six album deal to the multinational David Geffen Company (DGC) 
after being together for less than a year and having played just a handful 
of gigs outside their hometown.  When I wrote about them over two years ago 
in these pages (July 1992 issue which I don't have), they were just being 
touted as the next big thing.
        Well, they survived the kiss of death, and lived to put out album
number two, and, by the sound of it, their integrity survived, too: _Twice 
Removed_ is not _Smeared_ II.  The guitars have been turned down, and the 
band members have all gone off and written their own songs, lending four 
individual voices to the album.  The result is a varied collection that 
explores the pop continuum from all angles.  According to Sloan, whom I 
interviewd recently in Toronto, the record company had little say in how
_Twice Removed_ turned out.
        "I think they were surprized that the record didn't turn out to be a 
more logical continuation from _Smeared_." says guitarist, Patrick Pentland.
"There wasn't any pressure, like someone calling and saying 'Hey! Turn up 
the guitars!'.  But I'd be lying to say that they wern't surprized by what 
came out in the end.  We tried to keep as much control over things as 
possible.  I wouldn't say that not recording in L.A. was a conscious 
decision to stay away from the label, but if we'd been in L.A. there would 
have been people from the label coming down all the time, and that would've
been a bit of a drag."
        So the bubble burst and grunge got bleached out of "Bubblegrunge".  
Instead of "The Archies" writ loud, which, let's face it, is what some of 
_Smeared_ sounded like, we have twelve songs of pure, grown-up, capital-P 
Pop; a smart move in a musical era of volume saturation on one hand and "The 
studied innocence" of current American indie-pop on the other.  "In a way, 
the record is a bit reactionary", acknnowledges Patrick.  "It's nice to do 
something different."
        On _Twice Removed_, the melodic sugar-coatings hide the bitter pill 
of experience.  Says Patrick: "I think a lot of the songs on the record are 
a result of two and a half years of touring, where you kind of wake up, and 
realize that you're not always happy; you're generally more depressed or 
whatever.  I think it's more realistic in terms of reflecting the kind of   
people that we are... Because we all write differently, and we wanted to
incorperate the fact that we've all got different styles.  To try to direct 
it to a grunge sound, or this sound, or that sound, is doubly impossible,  
because somebody in the band wouldn't want to do that with their song.  It 
was a much more satisfying experience for me to record this record than the
last one, because we all got control of our own songs."
        The band cringes when I mention their previous marketing image.  
Explains Patrick: "I think in our bio there was something about bubblegum...
wait, no it was in those ads: bubblegum sugar-fix-coated-whatever."  "One of
those things that we have no control over," explains bassist/vocalist Chris  
Murphy.  He illustrates in a Monster truck rally voice: "A screeching fix of 
sugary guitar poop! You won't be underwhelmed! Buy their new album... 
[laughs]". Continues Jay Ferguson: "I'm tired of the whole really sugary, 
cuddly, innocent thing."  Chimes in drummer, Andrew Scott: "Yeah, I really 
hate that whole cute label we've been hit with."
        We're dealing with a slightly older, but much wiser Sloan.  It shows
in their demeanor.  They have that cool, "Been there/done that" manner 
characteristic of many musicians who've achieved reasonable success working
for the man.  Their rock-star air even got me a little nervous and excited, 
like some gushing fan club member.  These aren't the bright-eyed kids I saw
when I interviewed Jay and Andrew two years ago on the eve of signing big. 
Back then, the question on everybody's minds was: "Are these guys making the 
right decision?"
        "Maybe it happened a bit fast, but I don't think it hurt us," says 
the self-assured Andrew.  "We made a lot of mistakes, but we've learned a 
lot, too, just through touring and meeting a bunch of different bands and 
talking to them about their labels or whatever, and we have our own record
label [Murderecords], too, which we're running."
        Murderecords is Sloan's insurance policy.  Like good entrepreneurs, 
the band is reinvesting their knowledge and money into something that they
can control and build on their own.  So far, the label's roster includes 
Hardship Post, Eric's Trip, Thrush Hermit, and Al Tuck, among others.
        According to Chris, because of Murder, the band can see the angle 
from both sides of the fence: "I empathize with Geffen sometimes, because 
they're hanging their money out the window, and they want to know what we're 
up to, and we're reluctant to do things for their sake.  Having our own 
label isn't just for that, though.  I think it makes us more fair.  In 
Halifax and the East Coast, our manager has a good understanding of legal 
language, and some record labels have been down to talk to other bands, like 
Thrush Hermit, Eric's Trip, Hardship Post, and Jale.  I don't think any of
them are going to get ripped off, because we have enough reources in the 
legal department.  Our manager's the only person who really understands all
that contractual crap; otherwise a lot of us would be in trouble."
        If anything, Murder leaves them with jobs should Geffen decide not to

renew Sloan's contract.  The band hopes there's a mass market for the 
intelligent, effusive pop of _Twice Removed_, but if there isn't, the band 
doesn't seem too worried.  Explains Chris: "This could be the last Geffen 
record if either they don't like it, or it doesn't sell well, which..."
"Wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if we weren't on Geffen because we 
now have the resources to put out our own records," says Andrew, finishing 
off his sentance. 
        Continues Chris: "That's one of the reasons for Murder.  We could 
make twice as much money putting out records ourselves.  You only have to 
sell about an eigth as many.  We're pretty happy with Geffen, they've been
really good to us, but we also don't really have any fear of the future.  
We'd be fine by ourselves."
        The idea here isn't to express pessimism regarding the band's 
prospects on a major label, but to show that their dedication to music is 
founded upon more than a big advance.  Sloan's hearts are still in their 
job.  Let's cheer them through phase two.
Subj:	chris&patrick live on muchmusic
Date:	95-08-04 15:02:02 EDT
From:	JRCOVEY\!/ac.dal.ca (James R. Covey)
To:	jrcovey+sloan\!/ac.dal.ca (Sloan Net)

Q: why do muchmusic call themselves an 
"alternative medium"?

A: because the "alternative" music they play is 
neither "rare" nor "well done".

anyways, once in a while they *do* play sloan and 
other east coast bands.  yesterday on much, jale 
were on the wedge but i forgot to tape it, 
unfortunately.  however, i *did* manage to get the 
sloan interview on tape.  this was how it went.  
master T and chris and patrick were sitting in 
front of the big windows so you could see fans out 
on the street looking in.  

T: hey!  we're back!  and we have some sloan fans 
out there.  how ya all doin', can ya hear us out 
there?  [cheers and girls screaming]  yeah, i 
think so, great -- they're very excited.  *laughs*
[chris and patrick laugh too.]  all right, so 
you're here, you're in the house. 

C: that's right.

T: we were talking earlier, and you guys were 
talking about the fact that you guys got offered 
to open up for bon jovi.

C: that's right, we got offered to play with old 
bon jovi, but we couldn't pull through.  as a 
matter of fact, we had an argument about it.  you 
might think that we might flat out, refuse or 
whatever, [patrick grins] but i guess money was an 
issue, but definitely there was a hilarity aspect 
to it, like...

P: there was also, oh sorry, go ahead...

C: well maybe, showing up in wigs or whatever.  
but the end is nigh, perhaps, with us and we don't 
want to just blow it at the last minute.

P: we just a played a show in halifax, two shows, 
like, last weekend, and we're not even going to be 
in halifax for that show.  we're going to be here.

C: we would have had to blow off those shows in 

T: were the bon jovi people like, look, we are the 
bon jovi camp.  we are *bon jovi*.

C: i guess there was a certain amount of snub 
factor because he was so big.  i guess he's still 
big, eh?  probably sells a lot of...

P: i'm sure *he* doesn't know anything about it...

C: of course.

P: but um, but there was a feeling that we were sort 
of trying to be "too cool for school."

C: the fight was because patrick's a big richie 
sanbora fan, and was dying to... he had this plan 
to break a string, and like "richie, i need your 
guitar" because he loves his leopard-pattern b.c. 
rich guitar, patrick's a big fan of that.  so 
patrick was definitely into the idea of doing it, 
but it didn't happen.

T: all right, let's get to it.  we've said hello.  
we've had some small talk.  i've been reading the 
papers. you know what i'm going to ask you.  is it 
true that saturday at edgefest...

C: it's true that saturday is the All-East-Coast 
Music Day on muchmusic, [T laughs] and we're 
looking forward to it, i think we're going to...
oh, um, i'm sorry [pretends to catch himself] i 
know what you're saying now.  is it going to be 
the last show?

T: is it true that it's going to be your last 
show, sloan is history, you guys are not going to 
do anything else...

P: well, we're playing a show the next day in 

T: ok, so buffalo could be your last show...

P: could be, but, i don't know, it's certainly 
going to be our last show for a long time, and 
maybe forever or maybe for...  i don't know, you 
never know.

[as he says this we see a girl at the window 
holding a sign to the pane that says: SLOAN we'll 
miss you!]

C: i've used this example before, but you know how 
roger daltrey is singing the music of pete 
townsend featuring jon entwhistle.  we're going to 
try to set up something similar to that, i don't 
know if i'm going to be involved, but it'll be 
patrick or andrew playing the music of chris 
murphy featuring jay ferguson.  

T: so sloan's not totally over.

C: well...  see, we were sort of saying this 

T: i know you guys weren't necessarily happy with 
the way geffen really treated your...

C: if you believe what you read, tony. [patrick 

T: some of it i believe, but others i don't...

C: actually, you know what, as far as major labels 
go, geffen is *awesome*.  but we're so small 
compared to some of the other acts...

P: but that wouldn't have necessarily the main 
reason why...  our unhappiness with the way our last 
record did isn't really a big factor in why we 
want to take a... hiatus.

T: so why do you want to take a hiatus?

C: well, i don't know.  

T: yeah?  just tell me, come on.  we're here, 
nobody's listening, so just go ahead, just tell 

P: we hate each other.  [grins at chris]

C: we do awesome at radio, we're huge all over the 
radio, but we can't get on the t.v., they just 
won't play us on t.v., i think there's a vendetta...

P: we can't get *any* video play.

C: there's a vendetta against us, and everytime 
they go to play our video [as he says this he gets 
up, looking into the camera, and strolls like a 
lecturing professor, gesturing with his right 
hand] it becomes 

T: you're not going to hit me are you?

C: there's this where i find...  this is a very 
torontocentric sort of world, in canada here...

P: [off camera] are you trying to get a job?

C: and it's a double-edged sword, because we sell 
lots of records here, but anyway... [T interrupts 
and says something unintelligible] the videos, 
yeah, we need them played, basically we need 

T: i'll get right on it!

C: this all-east-coast saturday, i think, is gonna 
be the deciding point.

T: there's actually some, not necessarily 
controversy about that, but there's actually talk 
about that, that there are a few east coast things 
happening...  not necessarily more east coast...

P: at the edgefest?

T: yeah, the edgefest.

C: there's controversy?

T: well, not controversy.  it's something i read.  
and don't believe everything i read.  you already 
told me that...

C: if i could teach you one thing today... [waves 
his forefinger and pinky at T]

T: T... [laughs] [patrick grins]

C: T, Don't Believe Everything You Read.

T: ok [laugh] thanks, baby.

C: and also, quit smoking. [looks at the camera 
and smiles] [lots of people laugh]

[camera goes to the crowd again, T gives them 
encouragement and they cheer.]

C: about this controversy, i don't know, it's 
good for us, all of our friends are going to be 
there, basically, almost without exception.  our 
friends Hip Club Groove are grueling on tour 
somewhere, i don't where, so they won't be 
there...  i don't know if i'm answering your 
questions, i'm sorry, i'm showing off [T laughs] 
and uh, trying to figure out which camera's on me 
so i can pander to it.  [patrick points it out]

T: they're both on now. 

C: um. [the camera zooms in on his face.]

T: go ahead...

P: oh zoom really far, you're liking this aren't 

C: yeah.  [the camera zooms in on his right eye, 
his left eye, then his mouth.] you might ask, why 
am i on tv today and not jay?

T: i think we have to leave, unfortunately.  

C: i think, you know, even though i might not have 
answered all of your questions, but you're my 
favorite VJ.

T: you're not just saying that are you?

C: there's a controvery in halifax about who's the 
coolest VJ too.  and we argued and you're my 
favorite because one time, i forget who it was, 
they were trying to explain something about old 
school, and you were asking "like who? like chaka 
khan?" and the person was just totally like...  
i don't know who you're talking about...

T: who?

C: i forget who it was, some idiot, but we decided 
not to open for them i think, in the end...

T: [laughs] so we're going to play a video, 
"people of the sky".

C: "people of the sky", that's a good one.

T: yeah, i like that one. 

C: it is Very Funny.  andrew, is normally the 
drummer, and he sings this, and he shines in this 
video.  he's a Good Lookin' Boy.  

T: edgefest, this saturday, molson amphitheatre, a 
whole bunch of bands, don't wanna miss it, 
sloan'll be there, thanks a lot guys.

C: that's right.  you're going to be there right?

T: i'll be up front.

C: in the house, definitely in the house. 

T: T's out of here [makes a peace sign], see ya, 
thanks very much.  [grins at the camera, the shot 
fades to the opening of "people of the sky".]

for those of you who haven't figured it out
by now, brendan's post about the "new sloan album"
and subsequent posts by various smartasses, it's
all a *joke*!!  there's no new sloan album.

however, the following is actually for real --
back at pop explosion time i invited questions
for andrew scott from sloan net, and promised
to post the answers.  apologies to carol -- 
i didn't get the answers to your questions on
tape thanks to a minor technical difficulty.
but i'll email you seperately with my best
attempt at remembering his answers...  which
probably won't be any good for your zine...

From: "John" <o316\!/unb.ca>

	I have a question. who IS Andrew Scott? 

AS:  Andrew Scott is a 27-year-old man.  I'm not a kid anymore, 
I'm not a teenager.  I never tried to think that I was.  And 
I'm just a guy struggling day to day to live my life the best 
way I can.  And goddammit, it's hard.  

[JC:  Andrew Scott is the drummer for Sloan and a founding member
      of the Maker's Mark.  That is all ye ever need know.  :-) ]

From: Brendan Ryan <ae598\!/ccn.cs.dal.ca>

	Well the one thing I have often wondered about him is.. 
	Does he realize that he has the reputation of being 
	almost unaproachable? and is this something that he 
	perpetuates so people won't hang off of him like they 
	do Chris and Jay?

AS:  I'll tell you, that reputation is the direct result of Chris Murphy.
He's never taken one step back from promoting me as this ultracool,
ultra-unapproachable "Fonz" character.  But Chris' interpretation of me
is quite warped through his own interpretation of himself.  God love
Chris Murphy.  I love Chris, you know, I've known him for years, but he
has an incredible talent for trying to deflect a lot of stuff of himself
onto other people.  Not necessarily maliciously, but it's just the way
he is.  Maybe I am unapproachable.  I don't know, I've never gotten mad 
at anybody for coming up and talking to me.  But, you know, I'm not really 
one to go looking for people who listen to the band I'm in to come and 
talk to me.  Like if you want to come and talk to me, that's up to you.  
If you think i'm unapproachable, then take your chances or don't take your 
chances.  But, don't believe everything you hear.  I'm actually quite a 
nice guy.

From: Whiz_Kid\!/tvo.org (D'Arcy Flueck)

	as to questions for andrew scott, you can ask him why he's so 
	dogmatic, why he always runs away and stuff. (i guess that's mean), 
	but you could ask him if he likes his fans? and you could ask him 
	why he thinks sloan is in the hearts of every kid (and big kid) in 
	canada? if he has a big theory (like they've put special subliminal 
	messages hidden in their music or something ;))

AS:  I don't even know what dogmatic means.  Holding on to some kind of
ultra-truth or something?

JC:  Really insistent on your own opinions.

AS:  Yeah, I'm very opinionated.  And I'm not swayed if I offend
anybody.  If you want to hear my opinion I'm going to say what I feel.
I think everybody should say what they feel.  But you've got to back up
what you say.  And I'll do my damnedest to back up whatever I say.  I
guess I am dogmatic, yeah.  (I love dogs!)

I have no idea why we're so popular with Canadian kids, as opposed to
Chinese kids or Russian kids.  Maybe it's because we're from Canada, and
Canada in a larger sense has always held onto its own.  Not that we've
ever tried to portray ourselves as this flagship for Canadian music in
any sense, because to a large degree I've always been quite disappointed
with a lot of Canadian music and how it's promoted and how it's made and
how it's chosen to be put out over a lot of other things.  But hopefully, 
since the time we've started releasing records in Canada, I think a hell 
of a lot has changed in terms of where people look for music.  And now 
it's to a point where Canada doesn't have to settle for the Tom Cochranes 
or the Alannah Myles, who is a complete egotistical terrible artist.  I 
cannot understand Alannah Myles whatsoever.  That article about her in the 
Globe and Mail...  It was like a half-page article of her just talking 
about how good she is.  It was gag-inducing.  I guess Canadian kids have 
good taste.  I hope.  If that means we're any good.

From: Katrina Grentz <ab329\!/ccn.cs.dal.ca>

	I have a question for andrew scott...i challenge you to ask
	him what he was like in high school b/c *i know* & have yearbook 
	pics to prove it (he was kind of a preppy)...

AS:  *Incredibly* preppy.  I'm already leaning back towards the preppy
look.  I think preppy is good and everybody should embrace it.  I was
kind of a preppy jock punk metal guy.  I always had such a giant
identity crisis in high school.  I didn't know what I'd do.  I hung
around with all the black dudes that played basketball.  I played
basketball, but I drove a skateboard and listened to really bad hardcore
records in high school.  So I didn't know who I was.  But I wore
Lacoste, not Ralph Lauren.

From: "Bowers, Randy" <RBOWERS\!/ewi.usa.com>

	We've all seen you wear the t-shirt, so what's the connection with 
	Teenage Fanclub?  Are you just a "fan" of their musical style, or is 
	there a particular song, circumstance, or group member that you 
	identify with?

A:  No, Teenage Fanclub don't really fall in my supply of bands that I
really listen to or revere or whatever.  I mean, I like Teenage Fanclub
but I don't really know why I wore that T-shirt.  It may have been the
only one I had that day because we were in the middle of a tour when we
shot that video ["Underwhelmed"], but I thought it was a nice T-shirt.
I'm a sucker for targets.  Jasper Johns, late-sixties, early-seventies
American painter, did some pretty nice target paintings.  I'm neither
here nor there with Teenage Fanclub.  I think they're good, but I don't
listen to them very much.

Subj:	more chris \!/ ECMAs.
Date:	96-02-12 08:39:30 EST
From:	JRCOVEY\!/ac.dal.ca (James R. Covey)
To:	jrcovey+sloan\!/ac.dal.ca (Sloan Net)

chris murphy also presented the award for
"best children's recording" with linda brooks.

chris: "hi there.  first of all, i'd like to
present a mini-award, it's for best babe of
the night and the winner is you, and uh..."

(he hands the ECMA to linda.)

linda: "wow!" (appropriate giggles, etc.)

chris: "actually, i'm really glad to be
presenting the children's artist award 
because, uh, our band sloan, our mandate,
one of our mandates was to play all-ages
shows, and the all-ages thing ranges from,
it's parker brothers all-ages which is 8 to
88, and i think children fall into that 

linda, still looking at the ECMA and chris:
"i'd be interested in knowing who else was
 nominated in this category by the way."

chris: "actually, i have..." (reaches for
his chest pocket)

linda: "never mind."


chris murphy's "a band by any other name" halifax music scene family tree

               SURVIVORS  ATTACK                     STEPS AROUND
SUBURBAN              |    |  |                       THE HOUSE
REBELS              REALISTS  |                           |
  |                   |       |    MEDIA              VULGARIANS  VACANT
MED   FLIES      |                   |        |       OCTOBER      |
|     BLACKPOOL  |  BOYS   KLAMZ   WOLVES   |    |      |     |       |
|            |   |   |       |             AGRO  FLAGS FOR  RIDGE OF  TEDD
| REGISTERED |   KEARNEY    100                  EVERYTHING   TEARS
|   VOTE     |   LAKE RD   FLOWERS                 |     |    |   |
|   |        |   |  | |       |    SUSPECT DEVICE  |  BUBAISKULL  |  |
|   |  BLACKPOOL II | |       |    |            |  |          | MISERY
|   |          |  | | 100 FLOWERS II  SEBAS-    COOL          | GOATS
|   LONE STARS |  | |                 TOPOL     BLUE  THRUSH  |           |
|            | |  | | CONVULSIONS       |       HALO  HERMIT  |         FALSE
| BLUEGRASS  BLACK| |      |       ALL GOOD        |  |       |
|    |       III  | | |                 |             |       | HIP
AL TUCK &         SLOAN<-----------NO DAMN FEARS      ESSEN   | CLUB
NO ACTION  RHINO                      |                       | GROOVE    |
     |     PLASTY  HOUSE OF USHER     T A G                   |   |
     |     |             |            |   |                  ONE INCH
                    |   |           |          |

I had to leave out one band -- Jellyfishbabies -- in order to fit all
the rest on the computer screen.  Chris has them located right next door
to "Registered Vote" but not connected to anyone else.  His note reads:

"Chris Murphy's my name and I'm taking credit or blame for this Halifax
 music scene family tree.  The tree itself was actually more twisted than
 this so I ended up eliminating some lines as it was getting too messy and
 hard to follow.  I didn't put every band I could think of either because I
 couldn't connect them to anyone else or I didn't like the band.  But the
 lines I did draw I think are true.  I was relying on others near the top
 in the 'before my time' section.  Sue me if I'm wrong."

He also writes a list of "Honourable Mentions":  Null Set, Redd Leader, 
The Nerve, Next X, The Quirk, Cooter Family, Roland Blinn, Basic English, 
Phycus, Aimless, Donner Party Reunion, Merge, Tetris