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Sloan Sighting, Sloan Sighting

Yes indeed, the bad boys of Rock n'Roll were in Toronto! I witnessed them
in my hood at the Future Bakery on Queen & Tecumseth (I highly recommend
the Mashed Potatoes & Mushroom Gravy.) on May 2, having a band meeting.
"Hey," I thought, "Aren't they supposed to be in Vancouver by now¿"

Anyway, Andrew was late, and probably thoroughly dissapointed to find
Patrick, Jay & Chris sitting in the non-smoking section.

Word on the telephone is that Tara Lee was in the radio staion when Nardwar
was giving Radioblaster a rough time on air for an entire hour! All is good
at Music West, however. All the real shit takes place today, even though
Guided By Voices played on Thursday. StereoLab toke the stage yesterday,
who knows where...

Speaking of which, besides the May 17th show at Eaton Centre, are Sloan
playing with StereoLab in Toronto? CFNY is going Ape-Shit with the
commercials about the reunion of Sloan opening up their new HQ, but we who
are better educated know that this is not their first show since the
'break-up'. Fuck Corporate Radio.

We'll see...