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Truro Show - Sat., May 4, 1996

As requested by James Covey ....

Saturday, May 4, 1996 - 4:00PM till whenever
MacMillan Show Centre - Truro, NS

Approximately ten bands are involved in this thing, including
Blue Tile Loungers and the Motes ... Nobody seems to want to give me 
the full lineup ....

Directions (from Halifax):

Take the first exit to Truro.  Follow the road to the right until you 
reach Willow St., then take a left.  Follow Willow into town, and turn 
right onto Prince St.  Go most of the way through town on Prince, then 
take a left at the Dairy Queen.  Drive straight over the bridge into Bible 
Hill (Main St.), and keep going until you reach Ryland Ave. (about three 
or four streets down, on the right).  Go up Ryland and turn left at the 
Truro Raceway / NSPE grounds. The MacMillan Show Centre is the (yellowish)
building right in front of you .....

Two points to remember for anyone considering making the trip:

1) It's $7.00 at the door (several last minute proposals for a lower 
admission fee have been submitted)
2) Most bands playing this show are still in highschool, and will probably 
sound just as *good* as your first band .... (you following me here?)

That's it,