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Re: CBC feature on Sloan, Sunday Morning

On  1 May 96 at 14:56, RODENHISER\!/chem1.chem.dal.ca (who?) wrote:

}PS I couldn't find a CBC Radio in the list for the Halifax area, 
}but I know there is one.  Confused?  According to the phone book, 
}CBC Radio is 90.5 FM and CBC Stereo 102.7 FM.

OK , I sorted it out, one list for CBC Radio and one for CBC Stereo 

Those interested in the Sloan Realtime gig should hit

And to kill several birds with one posting:

Lisa:  I think it's "backed with".

Alfred:  Go for it!  We've been dying for an ftp site/webpage for 
eons.  I can get you lyrics, tabs, interviews, even a full archive 
of posts back to April 1993 which I've been too lazy to format.