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Re: hey, there's a lack of e.c. content (North By Northeast '96)

>i was wondering if any of the east-coast record company or band types can 
>help me answer this question.  i've noticed that there is a big lack of 
>east coast type bands at the nXne (north by northeast) festival this 
>year.  last there the likes of the super friendz, hardship post, 
>plumtree, hip club groove, al tuck, rebecca west, and a bunch of other 
>bands played last year, but this year, i can't find familiar names!  is 
>there any real reason why there's no cinnamon toast-y types, or the lack 
>of murderecords-ish types (other than local rabbits... mmmmm..), not many 
>no records-types either (grace babies are there though..).  anyone?
>				...sizzle teen

I noticed this myself, well, sort of.  It wasn't really in relation to East
Coast bands (sorry...).  I just noticed that there weren't as many bands I
recognized as there were in last year's fest.  I figured that because there
are other festivals running concurrently (there's a big one happening in
L.A. on the same weekend) and with personal touring schedules some bands
were just unable to do NXNE.  Personally, I think this is okay.  Festivals
should be trying to raise the consciousness of smaller acts in the
community.  We've all heard of the bands you mentionned; it will be
interesting to surf the next wave.  There is still a good handful of east
coast talent participating (All God's Children, Cool Blue Halo, Cleveland
Steamer, Kudzu).  Maybe someone could tell us non-maritimers what these
bands are like.


By the way my band, My Pet Genius, has just been added to the bill.
Unfortunately, we're playing at the same time as Eric's Trip (Saturday June
15 \!/ 1am).  If you're looking for something new, give us a try.  Just
consult the NXNE web page (http://bytopia.magic.ca/NXNE) or the InGenius
Forum (http://www.io.org/~mpg) for the venue.