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CBC feature on Sloan, Sunday Morning

On 26 Apr 96 at 18:44, tlwittch\!/acs.ucalgary.ca wrote:

}no, james is not referring to brave new waves, he is referring to a
}program on CBC Radio (not CBC Stereo, which is the station realtime and
}brave new waves is heard on). the name of the show is "Sunday Morning" and
}it's on (you can see it coming from a mile away :) ) SUNDAY MORNING. :) i
}don't know what time it's on across the country, but it's on around 9 am
}or so here. i imagine it's similar to morningside, where everyone gets it
}at 9 am their time.

9:10-12:00, except Newfoundland, where it's a half hour later (9:40-

}the particular program james is referring to will air on sunday, May 5.
}which incidentally is the day after listmanager's 26th birthday. anyway,
}there's no need to panic quite yet, as james will return to the list :)
}before it airs.
}although in an ideal world, you'd all have the entire cbc radio/cbc stereo
}schedule and local dial position memorized :) :) i think it's possible to
}find out information from the cbc web pages. i don't have a particular URL
}to suggest, but if i can figure out how to find a web page, anyone
}can. :)

The page in question is:

The list of radio frequencies for Canada is at 

and there are also lists of US Public Radio International 
frequencies, shortwave (freq 11855, 13650 at 13:00-16:00 UTC Sunday 
Morning), and satellite services worldwide.

Or you can order the cassette from tor\!/bowdens.com for $18

Or e-mail sundaymorning\!/toronto.cbc.ca for more details.

Or write me for the info if you've no websurfing ability.

Why am I saying all this?  So everybody can hear my squeaky voice 
and lame sloan comments instead of reading them :)

Certified by the CBC to be a SloanNet Guru (tm), worthy of an 


PS I couldn't find a CBC Radio in the list for the Halifax area, 
but I know there is one.  Confused?  According to the phone book, 
CBC Radio is 90.5 FM and CBC Stereo 102.7 FM.