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hey, there's a lack of e.c. content somewhere..

didja know that chris murphy is playing the nXne!  woo-hoo!

...except this is a chris murphy from conneticut... ;)  heehee :)

i was wondering if any of the east-coast record company or band types can 
help me answer this question.  i've noticed that there is a big lack of 
east coast type bands at the nXne (north by northeast) festival this 
year.  last there the likes of the super friendz, hardship post, 
plumtree, hip club groove, al tuck, rebecca west, and a bunch of other 
bands played last year, but this year, i can't find familiar names!  is 
there any real reason why there's no cinnamon toast-y types, or the lack 
of murderecords-ish types (other than local rabbits... mmmmm..), not many 
no records-types either (grace babies are there though..).  anyone?

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