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Marc Brown is the king of the world! :)

yes indeed. sorry for posting twice today but i guess i won't be able to
post this before the sloan show. if you are not going to music west, you
might want to skip this message, as it only pertains to those lucky souls
who are. actually, no, that's not true, there's stuff in here for
everyone. you just have to search hard for it. :)

anyway, if you feel brave and want to meet any other sloan net kids,
i say we go with the plan that roderick and i came up with last
summer....anyone who wishes to be identified as an official sloan net
LOSER should wear one of those "my name is..." stickers and make sure to
put MARC BROWN (you know, the bastard who is off touring in style with the
grifters... :)  ) on it. i plan on wearing mine to every single gig,
because i'm just that cool. and i hope some of you tape sloan on CBC
realtime this weekend, and i hope someone will let me have a copy of that
show (james??). AND....last but not least, everybody make sure to say
Happy freakin' Birthday to the listmanagerboy on Saturday. it can't
possibly top an ultra embarrassing sign at birdland, but it'll have to do.

[here's my embarrassing sloan net birthday message for james, in

happy birthday james. hope you don't get drunk like last year and
embarrass yourself and all your friends. ps/ thanks for the lift to saint
anne. love tara lee.]

ok, i'm done indulging myself. see ya all there, or maybe not. :)

sloan fan,
Tara Lee Wittchen, B.A. (oops, more indulgence....)

"I'm on a scavenger hunt!"
           - Grant Horwood