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as IF it isn't East Coast related...sheesh. :)

if you hate dumb messages, why are you on sloan net whoops i mean don't
bother reading this one :) :) :)

On Tue, 30 Apr 1996, melted pat wrote:
> who was the dude wearing the Sate Champs t-shirt at the loaf show in Montreal
> last night ??

i'm bettin' the farm that it was James R. Covey, indie rock slut
extraordinaire. :)

(aren't the state champs from halifax? does that mean they are east coast
related? you betcha, baby....hey speaking of state champs, i was listening
to one of the old raleigh sport tapes in my car this weekend [raleigh
sport is sort of the state champs before the name change, yet after the
name change] and i don't know if it's because i've been exposed to a whole
metric tonne of music since last spring when i first got the tape, but
it's a good tape. i bet mark and mike et al probably hate those songs now
but the songs still rock...in a subtle way...sorry, no one cares about
this, i bet. oh well..........)

> whatta show...toronto and london...get ready to get yer ass rawked !!!!
> lots of new tunes...which are all pretty good...and the bassist...holy
> shit...he's wicked...

you are *sooo* lucky. :)

well, elizabeth, derek, neal and i are off to see SLOAN tomorrow. ok,
we're leaving tomorrow, seeing sloan on saturday. ok, we're apparently
going to musicwest, but come on....we're going to SEE sloan. and joe chan
will be there, too! oh it's so exciting!! :) :) this is in vancouver, by
the way. yay!

and school's out forever! :)

and i am dumb, but what is the new super friendz video for? i was busy
typing all night on sunday and so i missed it all. thank you all.

your friend,
Tara Lee Wittchen, B.A.

(i am a nerd, i am a nerd, i am a nerd) :)
"I'm on a scavenger hunt!"
           - Grant Horwood