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Re: the new SF video

  At 12:46 PM 4/29/96 -0600, you wrote:
>I saw the new Super Friendz video last night on mucheast for the first time,
>and it is soooo funny.  

hmmm, i saw it too, and i was sooo disappointed. some parts are kinda
clever, but it just reminds me of that "eat my brain" video from the odds,
only without cameos. i really dislike those videos that pay absolutely no
attention to the beat or direction of the song. it makes me feel like my
tv's on mute and my stereo's playing. seeing the band members singing and
playing their instruments is something that i really value in a video. (i.e.
all of sloan's videos. they're on the one)
i can see charles picturing something really cool \!/ first and realizing that
it just didn't work after seeing the finished product. oh well,

how about them plumtree gals on ytv, eh?
i feel bad for them
(ytv sound guy: "no! no! no! vee can still hear zee guitarzz,
                 set zee amps at 1, at 1 i told you! Vork wif peopul!!!")

rave on, rave on