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Re: the new SF video ...etc.

Neal wrote:
>I saw the new Super Friendz video last night on mucheast for the first time,
>and it is soooo funny.  I laughed so hard, milk came out of my nose.
 Okay, it was funny, but maybe not *that* funny ;)  
   For anybody who's still unsure, mucheast appears to have found a
permanent timeslot at 11pm (eastern standard time) sunday nights... so
program the vcr's if you've got school the next day (like me... for another
month and a bit...)
>"when I say SALLY, you say ANN."
 Quick Local Rabbits' lyrics question, since I'm as inept at interpreting
things as the next guy (You know that Melissa Etheridge song that goes, "I
wanna come over / To hell with the consequence"... well I still get made fun
of b/c I though it was "to hell with the *concert plans*" - a one-track mind
  The part in 'style denial' that goes:
            "91, safety pins cut the circulation
             92, ...all yr shirts at looney tunes (??? who the hell knows)
             93, you were kicking it in fake ripped jeans
             94, you were knocking at le chateau's door"
  The last two are right I think but I'm sort of unsure about the first two
('specially the '92).  I know all you have good ears...
                                  awaiting the full moon,

ps. Barb, did you get my e-mail...?
pps. tdc, will I ever get my ffiction?? :)

  "Expectations are high
   and so am I
   But I mean that figuratively speaking"