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Supertree and the Plumfriendz...

Yeah, I too was tuned into the tube last night- I actually watched 
mucheast too. I thought the new video was pretty cool.. but I have 
strange taste. The B&W film was cool, the plot was funny- makes for
a hit with me- oh those superfriendz.

And Plumtree was also cool. Girls gettin their props on national TV.
Does it get much better than this?.. they even bore the mark of the 
straight edge and said hello to their straight edge friends, aww. A
decent night on TV indeed.

Oh, maybe some of you who aren't doing anything better, you may feel
like going to the Nirdlands "open mic" Perhaps there will be something of 
interest- if you know what I'm getting at.. possibly around 9ish.