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Re: Stuff

>Anyone care to transcribe tha lyrics to Every needle has an eye?

Well, here's my take on it:

Every hurricane has an eye
and I am one
I don't know where it's (found??)
'cause you see, it's not up to me
I'm standing still while everything spins around

expectations are high
and so am I
but I mean that figuratively speaking
you got a suprise
If you close your eyes
but I've got to keep you from peeking
keep you from peeking

I know it's been said
that you share my bed
I bet you know exactly where and when
I'll have you know
that she'll use him for his money
a private eye has blinded me again
blinded me again

hawaii has two i's
vacuum has two u's (you's)
all the things that suck us can't refuse
every needle has an eye that I pass through

I wish I could say the same for you
Mississippi has four i's
and I'm all for
(spread out??) all over the river
that she wouldn't want to drink from
and she wouldn't want to count on
but there's something that I'd still like to give her

every overtime breaks a tie
well we had one
but I didn't realize we were bound
now I see 
that you're not for me
If I stand still, then everyone sticks around

Every needle has an eye
that I pass through
I wish I could say the same for you
every needle has an I.O.U.
and an eye I can pass through

>What's with the wickedly loud off key part?

I don't know. It's cool though, I thought the song was gonna end there the
first time I heard it.



"when I say SALLY, you say ANN."