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Re: Stuff

> 1. what was on the first left hip comp. tape?
> 2. Anyone care to transcribe tha lyrics to Every needle has an eye?
> 3. What's with the wickedly loud off key part?
> 4. Why doesn't chris put out a solo album a la prtastatic?
> 5. why Am I typing this online...

1. Good question, but I do know that there is an awesome Prizewinner 
tape, w/ the Champs, Preppy R, Popularity Contest, & Kiss Daddy Goodbye.
I think it is safe to say that Left Hip comp #1 is way out of print. :<

2. Hawaii has two Eyes/I(s), blah blah, I'm a fruity cake-boy. ;}

3. Off key? Heh, I think your tape is chewed dewd.

4. Because a) he's not in Superchunk, and, 
           b) people would like it, and buy it. 
	   c) who knows what the future holds?...

5. Just, because.

Smile, Brendan loves you.