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hey everybody, I wanna be the centre of attention

Wheeeee.  PEI baby.  Come to the island, play in the sand.  or something
like that.  I can see where Chris murphy gets his songwriting talents.
(mmMMMMmmm...inside jokes, don't ya love'em?)

Yeah, so I spent the last 4 days being cradled by the waves, mostly fun.
I missed so much in the last few days, yet strangely I missed so little.
The exciting part was the 10 cent wing night at the Barn last night.
already reviewed by the super swell Muhlissa Beeyott, here's my twisted
spin on the night's events.

Chase are built for speed.  Gurus of grunge.  Took me a while to get into
their set, but the last couple of songs they played hit the spot.  I
think these folks need to develop their sound, but they show promise. 
Half the band sported Sanisoft stickers on their instruments.  You guys
must have made quite an impression when you played there.  

Good Guy Eddie are built for cheese.  Some of the songs were pretty good,
the aforementioned one about aliens for example.  But some were just a
bit too brit-poppy for my liking, especially with those oh-so Charlatans
UK keyboard hooks that were present in just about every song.  Overall
a fun set.  And you wouldn't believe the celebreties that made cameos!
There was Deirdre from Strawberry....and well I guess there was only 
Deirdre.  She's the freakiest dancer ever.  
Speaking of Strawberry, I heard stuff about Orange Glass about them.  
Good stuff (huzzah for the Original Gangstas!). So tell us if true.

Lil Orten got off to what I think was a slow start.  But maybe my
expectations are getting to high.  But pretty soon he was cooking.  And
what was he cooking?  Two eggs, side by each, of course.  Hogget makes
for a hearty meal that the redneck in all of us can truly enjoy.
For over an hour, this old time country star served up some of the best
country music you'd ever care to hear.  Equally impressive was his 10
cent wing band, not just a side dish, but an integral part of the show.

(say, that's pretentious even for me!  Is James Rocci still on the list?
Everyone take a vote:  if James had written the previous sentence, would
you have felt more, less, or equally ill?)

Anyway.  All you underage kids in PEI:  you suck.  Always complaining
about the lack of gigs in Charlottetown, and then when a really fine band
plays, nobody bothers to show up.  What is with you people anyway?  


(this is the sincere part of the post:)
Oh well.  Anyway, if you're ever in Charlottetown, go visit CIMN.  Everyone
I met from there last night was totally grand, I wish I had a little more
time to hang out with them, but what could I do, I had to drive for an
hour to get home, had to catch a ferry early this morning.  

What else is there to say? The rest of my trip was spent sleeping in until
noon, and eating (home is where the free food is).  Not too exciting.  
Uh, as usual there's nothing going on in the grand city of Summerside.  
Um, oh yeah, and if you're ever stuck in Moncton for several hours waiting
for a bus, a fun thing to do is to buy some Bubble liquid from the Buck Or
Two store, and sit in Highfield Square Mall and blow bubbles at the people
as they walk buy (ooh, a half-pun).  It sure beats pumping quarters into
the pinball machines (50 cents for one play?  when the hell did they
start that??).

I'll leave you with words I apparently said over a year ago:
Sorry this post was so long.  Skip the rest if you want.



You have a problem with Joe Chan?