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Motes, Thruster, MADHAT!!!!!!!!!

Last nights show at the Oasis:
1st up: les Motes, I got there just in time to catch the last 3 or 4 
chords of their set, I could cry man.. it's a crime. S'ok though they'll 
play again (soon I hope).

2sn up: Thruster, yet another bad show by our worst band :{ Blahk, they 
had this uhhmm, (how do you even say it without being gross?) big 
hydrolic hmm, "member(If you know what I am getting at?)" that would 
loom out over the crowd, totally the grossest thig I ever saw in my life. 
I think that there was some sort of remote control on one of the guitars, 
it seemed to be "dancing" to the riffage. The music was ok though, actually 
pretty good, for a bunch of hate-mongering, women-hating bunch of jerk-os.

3rd up: Madhat.. I love Madhat, they are "the shit" but the thing is, the 
last bus leaves about the same time they started.. I was on that bus :<
Anyone wanna tell me about the set?.. was anyone else there?.. Waye (you 
stud muffin) Oh well, I really gotsta go now.. 
Keepin it real,