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PROFILE: Halifax' The Super Friendz

I found the following in the newsgroup alt.music.canada and thought ppl
might want to see it here..

Drop-D Magazine (dropd\!/dropd.com) writes:
> Yo.
> The following story is available on the World-Wide Web
>  with lots of photos at:
> 	http://dropd.com/issue/4/
> Enjoy!
> ____________________________________________________________________
> Spinal Tap Smells the Glove; The Super Friendz Smell the Ghost
> Feature by P. Freako
> Photography by Suzanne Goodwin 
> "The Super Friends" was a cartoon about a legendary alliance of crime
> fighting
> super-heroes like Aqua Man, Super Man, etc... cleaning up the planet
> from
> evil. Sadly, the evil in music was never addressed, and thus, through
> a
> series of hideous mutations, the evil took many forms, including
> perhaps
> its most gruesome and graphic incarnation, boring musicians with
> pretentious, snotty attitudes. You know the ones. Mojo Nixon plugged
> them as "high falootin'," and they're out there everywhere. We've seen
> proof of this with the whiny Mariah Carey on the Grammys. We've seen
> the proof with Oasis, too (Christ, I'm late! Anybody seen my other
> shoe?). We need a band to come along and start saving us from all this
> evil. 
> Recently, I retired to my bed (actually it's a piece of foam on my
> floor)
> eventually dozing off into a restless sleep, wondering if I could find
> anybody to save us. I awoke inside of a trailer at the back of UBC's
> Thunderbird Stadium. A warm feeling swept through the air as I felt my
> "Freako" senses tingling. 
> Enter the Super Friendz, a group of non-legendary heroes. The Super
> Friendz
> have combated musical boredom since 1993, starting with the release of
> their debut EP
> 'Sticktoitiveness,' through to their current CD, Mock Up, Scale Down. 
> This CD is filled with pop rock songs that carry emotion and
> energy, a trait the band brings to its live show, providing the crowd 
> with a fun display of pumped-up, melodic rock tunes. Their secret
> base in from which their energy comes lies deep in the heart of
> Halifax. 
> The last time the Super Friendz passed
> through Vancouver was last November when they were on tour with Al
> Tuck and No Action. Both bands opened up for Pluto at the Starfish
> Room, and the crowd just didn't seem to be happenin' for the bands
> this
> evening. I couldn't figure out why. The bands put on a good show and
> poured out their wares dripping with talent. Like I said, I couldn't
> figure it
> out...until now. According to The Super Friendz, Al Tuck's road
> manager
> found a bright orange wicker monkey in a haunted house they were
> staying at in Ottawa. The first night in Montreal they had all of
> their stuff
> stolen and then they almost went off the road in their van....
> Singer/bass
> player, Charles Austin, confirms that "[the monkey] must have been
> cursed" because Al took the monkey on the road with them and nothing
> seemed to go right.. Geez, you'd think they'd have learned a lesson
> from
> Homer Simpson when he bought a cursed monkey paw. 
> Undaunted by cursed monkeys, the Super Friendz continue to be a band
> who likes
> to be on the road. They love to play music, and love to play it live,
> which is
> obvious to all who have seen them perform. They don't try to be cool
> by
> hiding their emotions on stage. You can often find singer/guitarist
> Matt Murphy
> launching himself aimlessly about the stage or running into the crowd.
> "There's
> so much crappy music out there...it usually starts with anger...it's
> usually what
> spurs you on." Okay Super Friendz, when you're angry, how about using
> your
> passion to fight the powers of evil? You could eliminate mundane, evil
> music through wrestling matches! Help us, please, and tell us just who
> you
> guys would want to take out: Says Matt "We've been itching for a fight
> with with Toad The Wet Sprocket...we've been wanting to take on
> Zumpano for quite a while." That's a good start: I feel a steel cage
> match
> happening here. I feel the tide switching already. 
> We talk jokingly about playing in the U.S. of A., and how the Super
> Friendz, while having only played a handful of shows there, managed to
> bring the country to its knees. I don't know what it is with these
> guys and
> haunted houses, but they stayed in yet another one in Boston. "There's
> a
> loft next to the toilet and apparently you can smell a ghost
> upstairs...there's this book in the washroom that says if you see or
> smell
> the ghost, you write about it." I'm sure that it's a pleasant smelling
> ghost,
> so I'll leave it at that. 
> So just what is the relationship between the Super Friendz and
> ghosts anyway? Charles notes that "we're all pretty interested in that
> kind
> of stuff, we read a lot...apparently Halifax is supposed to be one of
> the
> major centres for supernatural activity...there's a lot of "lay lines"
> and one runs right in front of the public library." I didn't know
> that, so
> I thought I'd inquire if they've played in Victoria, apparently the
> Satanic
> capital of Canada. "We played
> Victoria, but we didn't feel anything like that." muses Charles, "The
> island
> is a fucked-up place though (not the people, just the overall vibe). A
> lot of
> killings. I think weed is a big factor." 
> I'll tell ya kids (in my Don Cherry voice -- it's the playoffs ya'
> know), the
> Super Friendz mean business, and after Toad The Wet Sprocket is gone,
> Oasis and Hootie can't be far behind. In the meantime though, they are
> back off to Halifax where they plan to do some recording and probably
> tour again sometime in the summer. 
> My "Freako" senses are tingling again, we've got to get them back
> soon...hmmm... phone your local radio station 50 times a day and
> request
> "Rescue Us From Boredom," "10lbs" or "Karate Man," from Mock Up,
> Scale Down and maybe, just maybe, like it's their own Bat Signal, the
> Super Friendz might hear the call, and return with guitars in hand to
> combat the mundaneness that has so brutally bitten our youth. I know
> they can do it, because as Matt reiterates, "...we're men of sounds." 
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