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THE ANSWER :) Re: correction -- cbc feature

On Fri, 26 Apr 1996, Helen Luu wrote:
> mr. list manager boy said the following:
> >>the piece about sloan will be on cbc radio
> sunday morning >>not this sunday but *next*.  apparently i'm in it and
> >>the fans from hell are in it.  go figure.
> james means it'll be on brave new waves right? so isn't that on early
> *monday* morning? nightlines is on sunday morning after realtime.. or
> maybe james means another show completely.. never mind in that case :)

no, james is not referring to brave new waves, he is referring to a
program on CBC Radio (not CBC Stereo, which is the station realtime and
brave new waves is heard on). the name of the show is "Sunday Morning" and
it's on (you can see it coming from a mile away :) ) SUNDAY MORNING. :) i
don't know what time it's on across the country, but it's on around 9 am
or so here. i imagine it's similar to morningside, where everyone gets it
at 9 am their time.

the particular program james is referring to will air on sunday, May 5.
which incidentally is the day after listmanager's 26th birthday. anyway,
there's no need to panic quite yet, as james will return to the list :)
before it airs.

although in an ideal world, you'd all have the entire cbc radio/cbc stereo
schedule and local dial position memorized :) :) i think it's possible to
find out information from the cbc web pages. i don't have a particular URL
to suggest, but if i can figure out how to find a web page, anyone
can. :)

have a wicked weekend, everybody. :)


ps/ what's the deal with mucheast? if someone knows what time it *should*
come on this week, please email me privately. danke schoen. :)

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